Honey Jar
Honey Jar
Honey Jar $300.00

If You have never had a reading, they are required first. 

Honey jars are petitions to your ancestors & spirit guides. It helps manifest things in your life. It’s spiritual work done on your behalf.








Prices are based on choices. The larger you want to manifest, they More Expensive you should choose. $1000 Jar customers have gone from 6figures to millionaires. $300 and up customers go from slow or no business up to 6 figures. These results take root within 6 months to a year.

Here's how it works,

You write out Your petition:

1. Finances: your goals, amounts you want? Jobs dreams etc.

2. Love/Relationships: what you want how you ideally want to live

4. Self: how you want and need to grow as a person

5. Misc. random things you want


Take time, revise it, revise and revise it again.. then you can email it to I'll make your jar and send you a wax reading. Jars take 2-3 days to construct. 

Choose Your Prize

Frequently Asked Questions

Readings are guidance that help you avoid hardships, or guide you out of them. Even if there is news in the reading that isn't so pleasant, Courtney will always deliver it with a solution attached.
No, readings are simply a form of spiritual guidance that can greatly assist you on your life path.
Which stone are you most drawn to? It's said that stones choose us vs us choosing them. The stone you're most drawn to will have the properties you need. Even if it's more than one!
Book Your appointment on the "Get Readings" page. You Will receive a call at your scheduled time. Courtney will start the reading by having you hold questions you may have and telling you any messages spirit may have for you. Once the message is delivered the reading will proceed with your questions.
Results form Spiritual work vary form person to person. It depends majorly on where you are subconsciously. It also depends on how willing you are to take what ever physical action is needed. Courtney has seen clients receive results in as little as 24 hours to 7 days. Spiritual]l work generally takes root completely within 6 months to a year.
3 to 5 days
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