Money bag How to

How To!!


Upon Receiving Your Bag, Tell it what to do! 

Talk to it, write your goals down and place them within. Set your intentions for it. Be clear about your intent. Placing a piece of your live hair within gives it your essence. 

You can add contents, you can subtract contents. They are yours to do as you intuitively choose. 

Charge Them, and Update Your Goals as often as you’d feel you should. 

How to charge them:

Sun & Stones 
Moon & Earth 

Sun & Stones 
Placing the bag outdoors in sunlight with an abundance drawing stone like Aventurine, Clear Quartz, or Citrine. 
The sun offers Masculine, action oriented, “giving” energy. The sun represents the surface and concious mind. Use this method to help decide what action needs to be taken towards your money goals. Let your actions be deliberate.

Moon & Earth 
Placing the bag outdoors in the earth under moonlight. Full moons are always best. 
The earth and the moon both offer “receiving” energy to help us with our ability to receive abundance. The moon represents our subconscious mind or the Feminine.

Use this method to to open your subconscious mind to the possibility of receiving. 


Remember that tools like these still require that we direct them. They work much better when we are clear minded and work from within our power. 


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Happy Manifesting!